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The Kids’ Mini Club at La Roubine

At the Mini Club, children aged 6 to 12 can have fun, dress up, and marvel as kids do in a setting entirely reserved for them. Every morning and afternoon, from the end of June to the end of august, our experienced entertainment crew are available to offer many manual activities, games, themed weeks, externally sourced workshops, treasure hunts, parades… the list goes on.

Children are free to go there when they please free of charge, and generally without prior registration except for certain activities. There is always space for Mini Club members at La Roubine!

Please take note: This facility is not a nursery and your children must be independent if you are to leave them alone at the Mini Club. For this reason, children aged 3 to 5 can only partake in the company of parents and after the agreement of the entertainment staff.

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A space for the little ones

For the little ones, we’ve set up a mobile chalet which is exclusively dedicate to them. They’re free to practice quieter activities such as board games, construction games, or just kicking back with a book. The chalet is air conditioned, so it’s cool in summer and heated on rainy days. Several times a week, at the end of the afternoon, all the children are invited to the Mini Club to an end-of-the-day entertainment with half an hour of Mini Disco!

Activities and outings for youths

Are your children too old for the Mini Club? La Roubine organizes many tournaments to which young people from 11/12 can take part. In July and August, The Spot welcomes teens several times a week for games or Wii evenings in the presence of a host. Every week our entertainment team offer tree-climbing and laser game outings for youths from 11 years of age upwards.

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