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A fun aquatic playground

Both original and entertaining on a campsite in Ardèche, is our large 200m2 poolside playground- located a few steps from the swimming pool- welcoming young and old alike to have fun in the water in complete safety! Think twice before you consider yourself too ‘big’ for these silly distractions, we suggest you come try the water guns, animal fountains, and tipping buckets that spill over head! Come and share some unforgettable moments!

For cooling off and having fun

Imagination is the limit with the poolside playground, where you will share wonderful moments with your children. Go on an “Aqua-Safari” expedition and discover the animals, face a torrent from the water guns, or organize races where the winner touches each feature in record time and the loser will have to test the terrible overflow of the tipping buckets… anything is possible at La Roubine!