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The Ardèche: A gem with one thousand and one treasures!

Nestled in an ideal location in Vallon Pont d’Arc, just at the gateway to the famous Gorges of Ardèche, our campsite is the perfect Launchpad for exploring this wonderful hidden gem in the south of France. Whether it would be you wish to spend a cultural holiday, one rich in discovery, or a sportier and more outdoorsy trip, our campsite will offer you direct access to the most breath-taking monuments and beautiful excursions in the heart of the rare, unblemished European nature.

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The Gorges of Ardèche

An authentic canyon around 30km in length, bore into the charming limestone plateau between the Pont-D’arc (Vallon-Pont-d’Arc) and Saint-Martin-d’Ardèche is a sight to be seen. The Gorges can be followed by car from the north via a panoramic road through the scrubland.
Following the river’s course, the downstream section forms the border between the departments of l’Ardèche and Gard, numerous beauty spots – whose names tie in with the sites along the route- have been set up from Serre de Tourre to Alès over the Cévennes, that really allow you to embrace the view and take photos along the way. Beyond the panoramic, in the distance you’ll see the Rhône plain and Mont Ventoux.

(Source Wikipédia)

The Pont d’Arc in all its majesty

Since 1982, the Pont-d’Arc has been a classified, protected sight. The stone arch is a product of water erosion due to what once was a limestone stone façade being directly in the path of a meandering river, carved over millennia to form what it is today. The river traversing underground resulted in the birth of many caves and cavities all through Ardèche that you can visit in this epoch!

This geological phenomenon is rare, but not unique in France or even in the world, but these cases are far from having the proportions of the Pont-d’Arc which is the most monumental among them: the arch spans the Ardèche river at a height of 54metres and breadth of 59 metres. Moreover, the Pont d’Arc is the only case in France of a stone arch overlooking an active river.

(Source Vallon Pont d’Arc)

Camping La Roubine
Camping La Roubine

Charming Villages

Ardèche, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region offers tourists from around the world a range of villages full of authentic character, and a variety of natural, multi-faceted landscapes for your viewing pleasure, many of which can be considered the most beautiful in France.

Balazuc, a medieval village can be found perched on a steep cliff, Labeaume is waiting for you nestled in the ragged limestone, Voguë wishes to have an audience with you from within its amphitheatre, and Labastide de Virac sweeps you back to the past with its 10th century silk worm castle farm… so many of these gems Ardèche has to show are within reach, just kilometres from our campsite.

The most beautiful Caves in Europe

Formally shallow seabed, then eroded over eras by water that formed underground cavities, the Ardèche houses the most beautiful caves and sinkholes in Europe, a very large number of which are regularly open to the public.

Among them is the king of all caves – Aven d’Orgnac, which remains the only cave labelled a ‘Grand Site’ in France. This cave is located just 25km from the campsite and offers a guided tour as well as prehistory and speleological tours. Note that to avoid long queues ticket reservation is available from the campsite reception.

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