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Respect for Mother Earth and the environment at La Roubine

At La Roubine, respecting and preserving nature is not just a marketing campaign, it’s an integral part of our state of mind preserved by our teams! Every day at our campsite, summer and winter, we strive to minimize energy and water consumption while ensuring the desired level of comfort sought by our customers.

We love for our guests to feel close to nature, and to reciprocate the care the environment provides for us. For this, our trees are pruned every year and our hedges trimmed with T.L.C. Dead trees and branches are removed and new trees planted in their place to upkeep our grounds. For this reason, shady areas can vary throughout the campsite! The grass is mowed weekly, and pitches are cleaned after the use of each customer.

Herb gardens are at your disposal in several locations through the campsite and we ask you to take only what you need, keeping in mind our respect of nature philosophy.

Here are some examples of actions we try to carry out on a daily basis in order to preserve our natural environment:


The swimming pool and aquatic play area is heated by pumps.

The markings of all paths on the campsite are powered exclusively with solar lighting.

The lighting of the toilets and sinks in the large sanitary buildings are all equipped with movement radars.

Automatic timers have been systematically installed to all lighting instillations.

The large sanitary building equipped with skylights promotes natural light, requiring less daylighting.


All sink taps turn on and off automatically during use.

All taps have filters that reduce the flow of water to the sinks.

The vegetation is watered by a drip system with borehole water.

Toxic liquids are directly brought to and treated at the local waste reception centre.


Sanitary maintenance is carried out with 80% biodegradable Ecolabel cleaning products.

The toilet paper in all sanitary buildings is 100% ecological.

Maintenance of lawns and green spaces is performed without any chemicals.

Weeding in green spaces is done manually.

Staff travel within the campsite via electric vehicles.

All dishwashing areas are equipped with Ecolabel dish soap.


Waste management is carried out in a specific sorting area outside the campsite grounds.

The waste area allows selective sorting of glass, paper, and plastic bottles for recycling.

The waste area also allows the management of all organic waste by composting.

Used cooking oil from the restaurant and Snack Bar is regularly donated to a local association for recycling.

The Corner Shop of the campsite does not provide plastic bags and reduces packaging as much as possible.