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Activities offered for the whole family

Because we are a smaller, more tailored campsite, we call on outside specialists in many fields to offer you quality activities supervised by competent and qualified people. They are contractors who are passionate about their profession, who come to the campsite with their equipment and introduce you to a new range of sport and leisure activities.

The “flagship” activities of La Roubine

All of these activities are free and offered by the campsite, but registration is often required. Sometimes you can only participate once in each activity to allow as many people as possible to access the recreation. This is particularly the case for those wanting to learn the Standing Paddleboard, a highly acclaimed activity.

Camping La Roubine

The stand-up paddleboard

La Roubine’s waterway is perfect for this sport, which in recent years has almost gained the same popularity as canoeing and kayaking! In groups of 10, Raoul from Ardèche Paddle will introduce you to paddle boarding for a good half an hour, and you will see for yourself that it’s not always easy to stand on a floating board!

Yoga for all

For deep relaxation and a state of harmony between body and mind, nothing beats Yoga. Our teachers are confirmed and experienced; they even went as far as India, the home of yoga, to seek their training in the ways of position and poise. Several forms of yoga are offered which can be enjoyed by anybody of any age, parents and children are welcomed too. In a mental place of total relaxation and harmony with nature, the yoga classes almost always take place on our beach bordering the river.

Camping La Roubine
Camping La Roubine

Archery with bow and arrow

Here we have a sport that requires serious and rigorous supervision. For several years, Montagn’Arc has offered archery sessions to the whole family, in small groups for optimal supervision. In a calm, shaded area you’ll be able to learn how to handle this primeval weapon: the bow and arrow. This activity is available to those from 7 years of age, up to 99!

Fishing for children aged 6 to 12

Another absolute “must” in a riverside campsite: Learn to Fish! Eric, our state-licensed fishing instructor comes weekly to teach the kids how to throw a line, retrieve the fish, and also teaches the virtue of patience whilst waiting for the fish to bite! This is an activity that’s been greatly successful for many years and takes place in our fishing zone inside the campsite.

Camping La Roubine
Camping La Roubine

Trampo-Bungee, water toboggan, and fairground rides.

Activities without prior registration necessary but which are always supervised and provide delight for the whole family. On Saturdays, when the campsite entertainment team are taking their well-deserved leave, the fair takes place in the recreation area which offers a whole host of fun and games. There’s duck-fishing, a merry-go-round, an inflatable tower, and even cotton-candy for those with a sweet tooth!

Never short of ideas, the Anim’07 team regularly offers new activities such as trampolines and waterslides.