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The Playgrounds of La Roubine

At La Roubine, the children’s play areas are part of the landscape, and in them is reflected perfectly the spirit of our campsite: calm, restful, and resolutely family friendly. All our play areas are designed for children of all ages, from for toddlers, to teens, we’ve climbing nets, fitness fields, and playgrounds… there’s bound to be something to swing, climb, side on, or jump from in our campsite!

Family friendly spaces

Seeing your child’s face in wonder and knowing there is nothing like it is a truth all parents know. So, as not to miss any of these magical moments, our play areas are all kitted with benches nearby. It goes without saying that dogs are prohibited in these spaces and that adults are not allowed to ride on the little ones’ games. With the restaurant terrace placed directly next to the central play area, you can dine in peace while keeping an eye out, and the fun will never stop for your children.