Route de Ruoms
07150 Vallon Pont d'Arc
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Living together in harmony

Living together in harmony at La Roubine

At La Roubine, the quality of our services and the well-being of our clients are our main concern. Availability, politeness and amiability are the essential qualities our staff need in order to offer you a service beyond reproach. In return we ask our clients to respect some basic rules; of course we don’t want to oblige you but it’s all about behaving well and respecting your neighbours.

Upon your arrival at our camping every person belonging to your party will receive a bracelet
he or she must wear all through the stay at La Roubine
  • For everyone’s security, especially the children’s, the speed limit for vehicles inside and on the direct outskirts of the campsite is 10 km/h.
  • The barriers of the campsite open at 8 in the morning and close at 10.30 p.m. No vehicle is allowed to enter or leave during the closing hours, except for emergency reasons.
  • After closing time an outside parking with a barrier with an access code is available right near the entrance of the campsite.
  • From 11.30 p.m. on noise is forbidden all over the campsite, every guest is asked to respect the calm and wellbeing of everybody.
  • Visitors are only allowed during the day. After 7 pm no visitor or person from outside the campsite is allowed to enter the campsite.
  • All visitors must register at the reception and wear the bracelet that is given to them, if not they will be expelled.
  • Open fire (wood, charcoal) is strictly prohibited by prefectural order, in all campsites of the Ardèche , including individual charcoal barbecues.
  • Common barbecues are at your disposal until 10 pm. They are free of use but please limit their nuisance.
  • Gas or electric barbecues are allowed.
  • We beg parents not to leave their young children by themselves in the sanitary buildings and not let them play with water.
  • Swimming trunks are obligatory in the swimming pools. Shorts, boxer’s shorts and Bermuda’s are prohibited for hygiene reasons.
  • Dogs are allowed on the camping pitches but must be kept on a leash. Their owners can be expelled if they don’t respect this rule.
  • The campsite proposes a dog shower and 2 hectares of field to walk your dog outside of the campsite.
  • Animals are not allowed in the mobile homes, apart from one type of mobile home, the Super Mercure, where only small dogs of less than 8 kilos are accepted.
  • We beg you to settle the bill for your stay on a pitch at least the day before your departure and to leave the pitch at latest at noon.
  • The final check-up of your mobile home must be done between 8 and 10 am the day you leave so that can we can return the guarantee deposit. The mobile home must be free before 10 am.