Route de Ruoms
07150 Vallon Pont d'Arc
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Water playground

A funny water playground

Our big water playgrounof 200 m2 is not only original but also exceptional for a campsite in the Ardèche. On this surface you can play with water in perfect security, and not only children but also their parents can have great fun! Don’t think you are too old for this kind of entertainment. Just try the water pistols with your children, or the funny animals and what about the buckets pouring out water over your head? A great place to share unforgettable moments.

Falling water

Pouring water

Games to share

A campsite, a place

Getting wet and having fun

Much more than a simple leisure area, our water playground is an invitation to share wonderful moments with your children. Make an “aqua safari” expedition to discover all the funny animals and fight against the water they send to you. Or organise a mini competition where the winner must touch every water game as quickly as possible and the loser will be “punished” with the water buckets... Everything is possible at La Roubine!

The laughing ladybug

The happy hippopotamus

The funny flower

The parasol fountain

The joking seahorse

The nasty dragon