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Time to relax

Time to relax at La Roubine

Holidays are also made to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, without worrying about tomorrow. That is why our camping proposes all kinds of activities where you can be quiet and relaxed. Whether you feel like lazing around under the trees near the river the Ardèche, play a game of jeu de boules with friends, participate in a creative workshop organised by our entertainment team or float on a boat on the smooth water surface near the campsite... you are free to choose your moments of relaxation!

Jeu de boules and relaxation

The inevitable jeu de boules

Jeu de boules and La Roubine... a long lasting history! The jeu de boules game is the best way to meet and make friends on a campsite and at La Roubine this has always been the case, for over 40 years. In the low season our guests meet each other for their daily game on the jeu de boules court.

And as soon as the competitors have arrived, starting in May or June, tournaments are organised once or twice a week. Everyone can participate, no matter what age, nationality or level. It’s by playing jeu de boules in our camping that all of Europe meets and becomes friends... In the high season we continue organising one or two weekly tournaments of which at least one in drawn lots and all participants win a prize!

Fishing in rivers and streams

If you like fishing, the Ardèche is a real paradise. And no need to leave the campsite, because you can catch all kind of fish directly from La Roubine: trout, carps, little fishes... If you want to fish in French rivers you need a licence, and a special one for the Ardèche department and children between 6 and 12 must have a licence too. You can buy these at the campsite reception or online and with your permit you can fish anywhere in the Ardèche streams, lakes and rivers.

During the summer La Roubine organises a weekly fishing activity for all children (free, you only have to buy a children’s fishing permit for a few euros). A qualified fishing guide explains the ins and outs of fishing to children between 6 and 12 years and provides all the necessary materiel.

A paradise for fishermen

Creative workshops

Creative workshops at La Roubine

Not everyone likes sport activities and that is the reason why during the high season several times a week, our entertainers propose handcraft workshops for adults for all those who like to be creative and work with their hands. You will never be more than 10 persons, so that there is time to explain things and at the nice terrace of the swimming pool, you will be introduced to the techniques of macramé, painting, jewellery etc.

These are pleasant moments where everyone is invited to express his creativity and where you can meet other camping guests. And the results often are impressive and bluffing!