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Sustainable development

Our engagement for sustainable development

At La Roubine, the respect and preservation of the environment is not just a marketing concept. We think it should be a true state of mind that all of our staff must apply! That is why every day and all year round, summer and winter, we do our best to reduce the energy and water consumption, while trying to maintain the level of comfort our clients expect to have. Here are some examples of how we preserve the environment on a daily basis:

Responsible maintenance

Electric vehicles

Respect of ecology


The water of the swimming pools and the water playground is heated by heat pumps.

Runway lightning all over the camping is provided by solar lamps.

The lightning of the toilets and wash cabins in the main building is equipped with movement radars.

All our light systems are equipped with automatic clocks.

The main sanitary building has skylights letting in the natural light and thus avoiding artificial light during the day.


All lavatory taps turn on and off automatically when in use.

All lavatory taps have filters to reduce the use of water.

The vegetation is watered by a drop to drop system using the water of the well.

The various used and noxious liquids are immediately brought to and treated by the local waste collection centre.


The sanitary units are cleaned with cleaning products that are biodegradable for 80 % (Ecolabel).

The toilet paper we put at your disposal is 100 % ecological.

The maintenance of the lawns and the numerous green spaces is done without using any chemical product.

Weeding of the green spaces is done manually.

Our staffs use electric vehicles to travel inside the campsite.


We have a special zone where the different kinds of waste can be separated outside of the camping.

In this area you can sort glass, paper and plastic bottles.

There is also a possibility to get rid of organic waste through composting.

The oil we use for frying in the restaurant and the swimming pool bar is given to a local organisation to be recycled.

We do not give any plastic bags in the grocery store.